About us

Insurance Company Surgutneftegas, LLC, a full-service insurance company has been successfully operating since 1996. The company ranks one of the top 50 leaders of the Russian insurance market in terms of premium (excluding obligatory medical insurance premium), and takes one of the leading positions among major insurance companies of Ural, West Siberia, Tyumen region, Khanty-Mansi and Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Okrugs.

The licence OS№3127-03, OS№3127-04, OS№3127-05, PS№3127, SI№3127, SL№3127 dated 27.07.2015 for 21 insurance services and for reinsurance services provide comprehensive insurance coverage for our legal and individual clients. We offer over 100 costumer-focused insurance products.

Insurance Company Surgutneftegas is sustainable and dynamically developing insurance company with strong financial capacity. Our high A+ reliability level was confirmed by the Expert RA rating agency last July.

Insurance Company Surgutneftegas fulfills requirements and standards in the structure and quality of the assets covering the insurance reserves. According to the data recorded by the end of 2014, the insurance reserves valued of 4 122,9 million rubles, equity capital valued of 1 354,0 million rubles, and the paid-up authorized capital amounted to 1 540 million rubles. Following the results of 2014 the amount of insurance premiums equaled to 4 488 million rubles, and 3 328 million rubles were paid as insurance indemnity.

To satisfy the needs of our clients the company uses its internal potential – we are capable to adapt our insurance products to individual needs of a partner, ensure optimal tariff rates, staff competence, and high quality efficient service.

In 2004, 2005, 2008 and 2011 our company was granted the “Golden Salamander” Social Award, nominated as the Best Regional Insurance Company.

Following the results of 2009, Insurance Company Surgutneftegas was acknowledged the winner of the “Financial Olympus” National Prize in Voluntary Medical Insurance nomination, Potential and Prospect category.

Following the results of 2007, our company was awarded the Diploma of Honour by the All-Russian Insurers Union for its devoted involvement in development and improvement of the national insurance system.

Additionally, following the results of 2006, the company became the prize-winner of the “Russian Financial Elite” Prize, nominated as the Best Insurer of the voluntary medical insurance market.

 Insurance companies that are oriented on support of Russian producers, businessmen and ordinary people are considered to be new-formation companies. The future depends on such companies. Insurance Company Surgutneftegas is the company of a new formation.

Our mission is providing overall financial protection of property interests to corporations, companies and the population. Our outlook for the future is bright as the company is supported by necessary knowledge, long-term experience, and a cohesive high-skilled team.

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